What a D2:)!

Bob LaBarbera from Yuba City, CA.,  took this la2.jpg (58144 bytes)  la1.jpg (47343 bytes)  and spent close to 500 hours redoing a 1947 5JD2. Many hours, cleaning, sandblasting, priming, painting, and repairing.  Bob Bought the D2 from the original owner, also from Yuba City.  The serial number is 5J10366. It is equipped with a factory PTO and has the orchard seat.

With the 500 hrs of work Bob wound up with a D2 that looks like this--                                      WOW! 

la3.jpg (64198 bytes)        la4.jpg (60174 bytes)

Bob is  looking for  original lights and a generator setup to finish the restoration, so please contact him if you can help,  or just want to tell him what a great job he did!!    lealab@succeed.net



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